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"Sorry" isn't always enough (Naruto fanfic) Hiatus

"Sorry" isn't always enough (Naruto fanfic) Hiatus

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Scarlet By RosesofScarlet Updated Oct 15, 2016

I republished the story but it hasn't been edited. I'm going to work on that. If I like how I've edited it I might continue the story on. Don't get your hope up.

What if Naruto never turned out the way he did, determined to make people recognize him? What if Naruto decided to distrust the people of the Leaf? Decided to hate them? Naruto is determined to get revenge on the Leaf for the way they have treated him. Inside the leaf's own walls he plots his revenge. Trains harder every day, is smarter than anyone his age, and most importantly a dangerous enemy to the Leaf. 
  He joins into squad seven with the ever Sasuke loving fangirl Sakura and Sasuke who is obsessed with making his brother proud and doing his clan good (That is right the massacre NEVER happened).
  An interesting fan fic that is worth reading.

I'm officially on hiatus read at your own risk.

ChewieTheDog ChewieTheDog Oct 15, 2016
I think it is spelled 'Ichiraku'. I'm sorry if I sound rude, just wanted to let you know.
jello9158 jello9158 Apr 14, 2016
Oh yes tobi & Naruto,very very gd boys  *demon voice* hahahaha! * maniacal Laugh*
Itachi_FaultxX Itachi_FaultxX Feb 09, 2016
Tobi? Go away lollipop this isn't your story! No matter how much I love you 💜
TomatoFox TomatoFox Jan 27, 2016
Once I was making a skimmer in GTT and everyone was so busy that they didn't notice me struggling and when I finally got done I laughed like a maniac and scared the teacher XD
Mizuha-chan Mizuha-chan Mar 24, 2016
well at least itachi cares for Naruto whether he believes it or not
MissMurderz MissMurderz Jan 25, 2016
Why is it that everything that call themselves 'good boy' is the evil ones?