Our Story. [Luke Hemmings x Reader]

Our Story. [Luke Hemmings x Reader]

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You were at a "5 Seconds of Summer" concert. Your friend got sick, so you went by yourself. After convincing your mom you would be fine. You were quietly singing along. Quietly. 

"We will pick a fan to go on tour with us. This is our first show for the tour." Luke announced. "But, please, don't get mad. You all are amazing." Everyone cheered. You were watching as Luke pointed in the direction of the area you were in. At least you'd be able to congratulate the winner.

All of the sudden, you saw a spotlight shine on you. You were shocked and embarrassed. "Could you come on stage?" Michael asked. You did so, blushing from embarrassment. 
"What's your name?" Ashton asked. "(f/n)." You answered quietly into the microphone Luke held out for your answer.

"Well, (f/n), you've been chosen to tour with us. What do you say?" Calum asked. "Yes." You answered. After that, you went back into the crowd to let them finish the concert. You quickly sent a text to your mom explaining what happened and...

PPFFFF!!! Everyone at my school tells me I have a beautiful voice and says it's a gift from god! Not to brag but I well sing as loud as I can lol
Written_well Written_well May 02, 2016
My mom would have laughed and probably say no but then say sarcasticly "suure you can go away" and when i leave she'll kill me when I come back
BlehJoseph BlehJoseph Aug 25, 2016
Why would she saying that so causally. I would of fainted by the time the light shine on me.
BlehJoseph BlehJoseph Aug 25, 2016
My mom would be like "hell no get back here and wash the dishes"
amazingcharxo amazingcharxo Apr 11, 2016
my mom would say are you joking and i would say no then she would get all serious and say you gotta finish school first then i'd be like mom it's 5 seconds of summer MY FAVE BAND!! Please then after a while she would give in then say yes