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What Is Love? (Trafalgar Law & Eustass Kid) One Piece Fanfiction

What Is Love? (Trafalgar Law & Eustass Kid) One Piece Fanfiction

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♔ f h a n e l l a ♔ By Fhanella Updated Aug 23, 2016

Luna (reader), the name that Captain Trafalgar Law had given to her to start a new life as a pirate, is an ex-Cipher Pol and currently a wanted criminal by the World Government. Mostly taking the tasks of spying and infiltration as instructed by Law, she found herself working extremely hard just to impress him, only later to fall into a conflict within herself whether she should cross the line between a subordinate and her captain.

Summer, a newcomer cook assistant in the crew took a liking on Law,  and managed to blend in better with the others, leaving Luna feeling she'll never become someone who will fit in the group.
Luna met the hot tempered Captain Eustass Kid of The Kid Pirates, during her information gathering in a busy town, with both pretending to be a couple in their honeymoon. Being naturally enemies, both seems to share a completely different interests at first, though they slowly find themselves sharing a feeling of something unexpected one night.

Law, who was secretly keeping his feelings suddenly confesses when things with Eustass starting to bloom nicely for Luna. Eustass, who decided that she wants her to join his crew makes his move on Law, demanding the release of Luna from the Heart Pirates.

Luna felt her world starts to spin so fast under her feet, with both men demanding an answer to their question about love.  

She starts to ask herself "What is love?"


Thank you for reading this One Piece fanfiction. The ideas are entirely mine and updates will be as fast as I could write them, hopefully you'll love it. I would like to apologize for any grammatical issues since I'm not a native English speaker. I will do my best still!

One Piece canon characters, images and music used are not mine. For me, they are very lovely so I intended to share it with other readers through this fanfiction. The rightful credits goes to the artists who produced it, no monetary involvement in my part at all.

Le_Potato_Overlord Le_Potato_Overlord Nov 26, 2016
Omg I hate this Summer character already. She pisses me off.
HitMeLightning HitMeLightning Sep 18, 2015
Amazing chapter.. I love it!
                              Hopefully you'll update soon. :))
DarkAurora13 DarkAurora13 Jul 31, 2015
I'm do glad I found a fan fiction without a cliché plot and oc!
rukiableach rukiableach Jun 27, 2015
I love it! Finally a story where the OC is like her! So cool..