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A Pirates Kiss: Resurrection

A Pirates Kiss: Resurrection

709K Reads 43K Votes 29 Part Story
iluvdaisychain By iluvdaisychain Updated Sep 19, 2017

After a horrific betrayal and a devastating loss how can Circe ever hope to move on? Dead inside, she wanders the ocean alone without purpose, while those she loved continue to search for her, hope fading with every passing day. 

In the Earth Kingdom tension is rising after the untimely death of the Elven King is made public. The throne calls for a new ruler but who is worthy to step up and accept the crown? So many years of banishment has left the Earth Kingdom divided and broken and putting it back together will be no easy task. Will this new ruler turn out to be friend or foe? 

Zalas hunts the Earth for his sister who has not been seen since the day of the sacrifice. Little does he know that Aranel has been working to her own agenda and is prepared to cut down anyone who tries to stand in her way. Still haunted by his actions towards Circe can the Air Prince redeem himself enough to finally be able to ask forgiveness? 

Meanwhile, unbeknown to her, Circe is being hunted by a force more terrible than the world has ever seen. He scours the oceans for her with death in his eyes, leaving a wake of devastation in his path. The ocean is a big place, but no-one can hide forever and what will she do when fate finally catches up with her? 

Circe is hearing whispers on the wind for some secrets are too big to keep quiet and as she comes back to the world, will she find revenge as she ventures down the path of truth? Or will she find something else entirely? She has been searching for her happy ending for a long time but it seems as far out of reach as ever. There is someone who can help her find it though, but first she has to find him.

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