Kissed by a Perfect Stranger

Kissed by a Perfect Stranger

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Angelica Velazquez By AngelicaGabriela1991 Completed

Cianna goes to a club with her two best friends expecting to have a normal girl's night out, but things don't go as planned when she unexpectedly finds herself being kissed out of the blue by not just anyone, but a perfect stranger. A stranger who's not only cocky and flirtatious, but also determined to weasel his way into her heart. 

Cianna pushes him away thinking it's for the best, and realizes too late that she's made the biggest mistake of her life by doing so, because the moment the stranger walks away from her, everything loses meaning. Because in her mind nothing could ever compare or even come close to her first kiss that was taken in the spur of the moment by the stranger who left her with nothing but the tingling sensation of his lips that caressed hers tenderly. 

Cianna tries to move on and forget the stranger with the help of her two best friends, but fails miserably, because in every waking moment of the day the stranger lurks in the back of her mind, creeping into her thoughts, which doesn't help her uneasy heart that hasn't been the same since the night she met him. Although what Cianna doesn't know is that fate has plans of its own that will bring her and the stranger together again in the least of unexpected places, giving her a second chance to confront the stranger who stole her first kiss and left her put together life in shambles. 

Will she take it and give the stranger a piece of her mind or will she walk away and never look back?

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SophienotSofy SophienotSofy Jul 17, 2017
I'm picturing her as Madelaine Petsch from Riverdale if that's ok :)
Aspire4me Aspire4me Dec 22, 2016
Lmbo at the comments. 5'7 is model height 5'5 or 5'4 is average height
Mingirik24 Mingirik24 Oct 17, 2016
You can easily forget him with another kiss, or choose to not forget him at all! It's simple! ;)
Mingirik24 Mingirik24 Oct 17, 2016
Another guy with dimples!!!! Is he brother with the first-kiss-guy???
jungo04 jungo04 May 22, 2016
U cant undo the usurpation of your virgin lips, hon. Is that grammatically correct?
FluentLiar FluentLiar Nov 05, 2016
A fever you can't sweat out gotta be my favourite Panic! At the disco album.