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Bad boy Dark Link x Reader

Bad boy Dark Link x Reader

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Link_Darklink By Link_Darklink Completed

(Y/n) enrolled into a new huge school with a dorm. She meets her old friend Dark Link, but he became something different. He hung out with a boy named BEN, and ever since, he pushed (Y/n) out and treated her like garbage.
Warning. This story has profanity and smut.

stampyykitten_AJ stampyykitten_AJ Mar 08, 2016
                              2: EY TOBYYYYY <3
                              3: EY EJJJJJJJJ
                              4: EY MASKYYYYY
                              5: EY HOODSSSSS
                              6: Lol what no ty, Your not my type, Cheddar... on the other hand..n
Little_ZyanPup Little_ZyanPup May 10, 2016
BEN don't play with me I will make you drown again, fvck with a nigga
Mando55555 Mando55555 Jun 27, 2016
Me:*points at Jeff * He's hotter than you 
                              BEN : WHAT DID YOU SAY 
                              Jeff :*chuckles *
                              Me : just saying I wouldn't mind being shared with him and Dark *Mind goes into a gutter in a gutter in a gutter *
JulieMarchione4 JulieMarchione4 Jun 19, 2016
Umm.... excuse me u am only for dark...actual I so like u too...but still,only in Ben x readers I will do that
nekothekiller123 nekothekiller123 Dec 26, 2015
Ben I may spread the peace but am about to spread my hand on yo face I ant the one boo I ant the one
Aryandiani Aryandiani Dec 15, 2015
Well, one chapter in and we already have three Link's in this chain! *Ba dum dsh!*