Not A Day Goes By

Not A Day Goes By

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WARNING: I seriously hate this story. Read at your own risk. It CLEARLY gets better with each chapter, as my writing skill improved- but it starts with a disgusting cliche.

Looking back now, it seems silly. It seems silly to think that, after all the jokes, stares, and meaningful silences, we'd still only be friends. It seems silly to think that I'd tried so hard to go against the very thing I wanted. It seems silly to think that he and I couldn't see what the future held for us.

Mark and I, well it was only a matter of tempting fate.

Nahhh just add a 1 foot and then 3 inches and your good for the day
Imagine how this would sound from outside the room 😂😂😂
I literally shouted out loud "FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS!" My brother just ignored me. Lol
Yah man I mean I've heard it hurts to have things shoved up your ass plus you guys don't have lube
Woah ok this is reaaaaallly going quick, but it's still good
Guys, it's 2:00 in the morning and I'm SO HUNGRY. But I don't wanna get out of bed. I'm too lazy. YOU! OVER THERE! Can you bring me food please? 🙂