Not A Day Goes By

Not A Day Goes By

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SKWARLO By skwarlogirlcfc Completed

WARNING: I seriously hate this story. Read at your own risk. It CLEARLY gets better with each chapter, as my writing skill improved- but it starts with a disgusting cliche.

Looking back now, it seems silly. It seems silly to think that, after all the jokes, stares, and meaningful silences, we'd still only be friends. It seems silly to think that I'd tried so hard to go against the very thing I wanted. It seems silly to think that he and I couldn't see what the future held for us.

Mark and I, well it was only a matter of tempting fate.

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smol_jacksepticeye smol_jacksepticeye Jul 17, 2017
That's just Boston!! With us NOT being able to say our R's like I have a Boston accent like WOAH and I once said Car (which sounds like ca) and someone actually thought I said Cock I was like WTF THATS WICKED NOT OKKK!! (Yes wicked is a word we use😂)
Omg Mark you are even more obvious than me and thats saying somethin
DarkfireRaven DarkfireRaven Jul 06, 2017
I haven't read this, I just wanted to say something. I thought this book was called 'Not a Gay Goes By.' Oops doopsie.
DarkfireRaven DarkfireRaven Jul 06, 2017
I love this book, a lot. :) And I'm listening to Car Radio on repeat whilst reading it.
KarelByome90 KarelByome90 Aug 12, 2017
Hides under desk, rocking back and forth while fangirling like the fan girl i am. Stays under desk for 1 week.
When I read the title of the book my mains changed it to:
                              “Not a gay goes by.” 
                              Idk why