Camila Cabello Imagines

Camila Cabello Imagines

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daddy By butterfingerbello Updated Apr 28, 2015

Your POV 

"Y/N you have to let go."

"No." I whined as I looked at the ice nervously. She rolled her eyes before pulling me towards her anyways, earning a squeal from me. 

"No don't let go!" I exclaimed. But being the best friend she was, she did as she pulled away with a laugh.

"See you could do it!" I can? I smiled widely but then before I knew it, I slipped, landing on my butt. Taylor then threw her head back in laughter as I just pouted, struggling to get up as I rubbed my butt - which had sensitive skin y'know.

"I don't even know why I came here. But I'm going out." I stated but she seemed unconvinced as she just kept on laughing. Rolling my eyes, I try to skate again but ended up falling on my front - hurting my boob. 

Being the genius that I am, I sat and just slid myself over to the exit. Hey, I'm getting a hang of it. I thought but then out of nowhere I saw a girl flying as she tripped.

Thanks to my reflexes, I catch the girl as she landed on top of me. Breathing heavily...

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