Run Cold

Run Cold

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After two torn ACLs and a narrow escape from her would-be rapist, Allie Stevens is finally on the mend. She's a captain on her college track team, maintains a decent GPA, and has a bright future ahead as a molecular biologist. Her troubled years in high school are finally being put behind her. She's even got a boyfriend, Logan, a handsome swimmer with a heart of gold and plenty of patience for a girl as skittish about her body as Allie is. 

But when Logan disappears from her life and resurfaces on the news as high profile (formerly) missing person, Allie learns that a single mistake has stolen the happily ever after she's dreamt of. Rather than live a life of regret, she chooses to risk it all and head across Atlantic for what she hopes is a fairytale ending. 

What she finds instead is a chilly island, a stolen masterpiece and -if she can survive the unrelenting Arctic- the chance to fall in love again. 

Run Cold is an examination of a girl's transition into adulthood and the challenges she faces as she sheds her teenage concepts of love, life, and self identity. It's a fairytale with a modern heroine who doesn't have magic at her disposal, only a courageous heart.

I'll be sure to vote and comment though your story is popular enough on its own! This is the fourth book of yours that I'll read... and I'm certain that it'll be amazing like the rest. <3
FloraDesire FloraDesire Apr 13, 2016
you prologue is giving sense of tragedy and loss. 
                              i hope other enjoy your story but tragedy, loss... this kind of story break my heart. ohh
Pinkforest1 Pinkforest1 Apr 08, 2016
I don't know if I should be intrigued or scared:)
                              Starting with  a quote is so different  and effective, it catches the readers attention. Love it!!
- - Nov 02, 2015
Nice foreshadowing leaving readers wondering what tragedy has occurred.  I would make this longer though.  Two sentences doesn't make sense to me but maybe it's a form of Prologue to set the tone of your story.  Take all I say with a grain of salt as I'm no expert critic.
- - Nov 02, 2015
HI!  A well design intro where many should see how in so few words you let readers know how their reading and voting etc. also helps the author.