Dense (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Dense (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

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MsPotterhead By JustAFanictioner Updated Jan 03, 2016

The [L/N], much like the Malfoy's, is a very prided pure-blood family and a very power lusted one, at that. This family had always been close with the Malfoy's mostly because both lineage are closely similar to one another, and both lineage are acknowledged by the dark lord himself.

Of course, as expected, both families' progeny has a wonderful relationship budding between them, although this is what you'd call friendship. [Y/n] and Draco have both known each other since they could say 'mama' and 'papa' correctly, and they have been best friends and inseparable. Naturally it was expected for the two to have a better and deeper relationship than what muggles call 'bestfriends zone' but there were things that needed more push than it usually should.

Certainly, a big issue between each other's perspective was also a big reason why the two were close but not quite to the point. One contradicted the other in many different ways. As everyone knows, Draco is just like his father, he sees nothing but blood status, he thinks of himself as the prince of the world (Of course not the king as it would be his father), he most despises muggles and muggle related things, and he can be a bit of a dramatic scum.

Now let's take a look at [Y/N]. Despite her blood heritage, she had always been the odd one out. Sure, she was a slytherin but other than that, what else could prove that she was the prided [L/N]'s brood? Unlike Draco, she may think highly of herself, but she doesn't go around yelling at people that her parents are going to go after them if they make a wrong move just because she thinks her parents matter a lot in the wizarding industry. She was the ideal heroine, a reserved yet... beneficial lady to be with. And to top it all with the Malfoy/[L/N] null shipping, she liked muggle candies, especially this sticked candy called 'lollipop', she loved it so much that she would eat it infront slytherins... and much worse, infront of the egoistic Malfoys.
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Galactikk Galactikk Nov 15, 2017
"The boy who lived?"
                              More like
                              "The boy who didnt die when he was supposed to die"
British_Bish23 British_Bish23 Aug 19, 2017
I would. -darth Vader voice- I will join the dark side! Oh wait... wrong movie
lee-jo-is-me lee-jo-is-me Oct 13, 2017
This magical, home-made lollipop will witches and wizards an increase and focus and energy- and it has a sweet taste you'll love! you can buy this sweet booster treat for only four knots- you heard me right, folks!- only four knots!
Avoib321 Avoib321 Feb 18
They have lollipops at honeydukes, lollipops are even mentioned in the fourth book by Ron - a pureblood. What's even funnier is in the third movie Draco can be seen eating one. They are totally in the wizarding world.
VioletSlytherin VioletSlytherin Sep 30, 2017
It's true. I've had to hit him with a large book multiple times.
VioletSlytherin VioletSlytherin May 07, 2017
THIS IS TRUE I CALL POTTER,"The Boy Who Only Cared Of Himself"