My Yandere boyfriend ~ (On Hold)

My Yandere boyfriend ~ (On Hold)

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Sayo Mitsuki By sayo-mitsuki Updated Nov 25, 2015

Hello people♥! I'm just another reader who decided to write a story. ......finally. I accept criticism if said in a good way. Comment, vote and follow (if you want) :) .
Put your suggestions in the comment section and feel free to correct my mistakes. So yup....that's about it.
Last but not the least. not. ...and I mean NEVER ever steal my ideas! If you do I will personally ask Ren to find ya and kill ya.....hahahaha.....*laughs like a maniac*
*clears throat*
So I hope you like my story.

Peace ♡_♡

Sayo mitsuki ;)

    I think there is something wrong with me I can't stop reading anime especially yandere books
                                  Seriously I stay awake till 2:00 reading it
    emily4594504 emily4594504 Feb 18, 2016
    Yo are u crazy? This has no grammatical mistakes!! This is great
    emily4594504 emily4594504 Feb 18, 2016
    Key phrase: “most of the time”
                                  YANDERE ON THE LOOSE!!!!🚨🚨‼️
    RinnieSan RinnieSan Feb 23, 2016
    I like it! Make it longer author-chan. Don't be like others PLEASE. It's only once in awhile authors have amazing books without mistakes and long chapters.
    nerdy0618 nerdy0618 Aug 13, 2015
    *looks at picture* OMG! FEM RUSSIA AND MALE BELARUS!!! *dies of fan girling*