The Omega's Alpha (BoyxBoy: Book 2)

The Omega's Alpha (BoyxBoy: Book 2)

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Book 2 of 'A Human's Werewolf'

Ryder James is the son of Beta Levi and Jason James. He is secretly bullied by the Luna's son because he's a omega. 

Jesse King is the alpha of the Shining Moon pack. He is twenty and has been waiting four years to find his mate.

What the hell was that chapter about?!?!
                              I just laughed through it
Wow...  Like just wow...  And here I thought you were normal.
Ashbelzyshy Ashbelzyshy May 30
When the story focuses of him being an independent woman.. Can't stop laughing!
@tommarylife hi past me on different account I still don't have ovaries cause they exploded 😂