The Boy and The Wolf {[BoyxBoy]}

The Boy and The Wolf {[BoyxBoy]}

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Avery Haithcock is a smart 14 year old Junior in highschool and has been moving from school to school due to his parents' job and constant bullying. All he wants is a calm life without drama and having to move around anymore.

His parents promised him it would be the last school they moved to even if he liked it or not. With this being his last chance Avery finds himself liking his school. Not only that but he finds himself a good friend as well as a hot football player that's always surrounded by a crowd.

Avery finds himself automatically attracted to this mysterious guy with bright yellow eyes. He wants to get to know him, but he doesn't know if his crush will ever notice him. Little does Avery know that his crush will change his life completely.

At_Aohona At_Aohona Aug 16
Well then hit me up if someone is bullying you , you can trust me
SchoolBathroom SchoolBathroom Jul 24, 2016
Well if you don't tell them they won't pick on you for it. XD
_69ShadesOfGay _69ShadesOfGay Sep 07, 2016
I'm currently singing sad songs at the top of my lungs... Waiting for my neighbors to kill me #DormLife
SchoolBathroom SchoolBathroom Jul 24, 2016
Wouldn't it be funny if he was like, "it was home to my favorite animal, the weasel." LOL
itsdestielbitch itsdestielbitch Nov 21, 2016
It's sad that sometimes people get bullied so much they don't want to trust anyone again
mjcbboy mjcbboy Jul 18, 2016
This is so me right now even tho im always on my phone. But o love the forest. And I've always been mesmerized by the wolf.