Two Tiny Feet (Teen Pregnancy)

Two Tiny Feet (Teen Pregnancy)

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Izzy Chapman Is an average girl. She skipped grade eight, straight into high school with straight A's having no trouble at all flying by her middle school years.

 Her mother died giving birth to her, never getting to meet her. After her mothers passing, her father got caught up in work and wasn't really ever there for her. She never had anyone to guide her through life, especially when she needed it most.

Her first dance with the boy of her dreams, Skyler Grey. Homecoming. She thought it would be perfect, but what seemed to be paradise, turned into a nightmare.

She feels alone, trapped. She only has one person to fall back on. Her best friend, Maci Stark. 

Izzy soon finds out she's pregnant, not exactly what you'd expect out of a 13 year old girl. Barely into her teenage years, just starting high school, just beginning to find herself and plan her future will she be able to take on the task of being a single mother? Or will she chose adoption, thinking it's a better choice for her child.

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WritingPAST WritingPAST Feb 14, 2016
Each piece of dialogue should be a paragraph itself. It's confusing when the whole conversation is one clumped paragraph.
frerardmostly frerardmostly Dec 09, 2015
He's on the phone, why the hell would she try to talk to him? He's obviously busy