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Big Daddy(Book 1)

Big Daddy(Book 1)

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mar 🌲 By avriel- Completed


   "Avi, it's time for sight seeing." Esther calls to me, trying to coax me out of my bunk. I didn't want to go. I wasn't feeling well. 

I had just gotten sick, so I was on vocal rest. It was our first tour since I had gotten out of the hospital, and we were in Europe at the moment. 

I turned on my side, staring at the blank wall of my bunk. I heard footsteps walking towards the back of the bus, stopping as they come to the outside of my bunk curtain. "Avi." Esther says. 

The curtain rips open quickly, the light from the bus shining into my dark desolate bunk. "Come on. You love sight seeing." She says, poking her head inside. 

I shake my head no, wrapping my arms around myself. Esther sighs, turning her head toward the front of the bus. "Mitch or Kevin. Come here. Now." I hear two sets of footsteps, both seeming to rush up to the bunk. 

"Yo homie." Kevin's voice rings out, a slight playful tone to his voice like always. I shake my head at the sound of his voice. 

I can pra...

90 degrees Fahrenheit would be... 32.2 degrees Celsius. FYI.
                              Math on a weekend... Huh... 🤣
KenzieThePentaholic KenzieThePentaholic Feb 20, 2016
Lol after I leave Sparkles or something like that, it's on for years
KChilli KChilli Jan 29, 2016
Avi and Mitch are both my fav ppl in ptx.
                              this chapter made me tear up
                              i think i found my book
Number93DiagonAlley Number93DiagonAlley Jan 04, 2016
I need a dictionary people! Will someone please get me a dictionary?
dat__fandom dat__fandom Jun 29, 2015
That is so me i always wear jackets and pants like jeans all the time in like 90 degree weather