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Avengers Imagines

Avengers Imagines

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N/a By bucky_and_steve Updated Jan 18

Imagines and a couple of preferences including;                                                                                               ∞ Tony Stark.                                                                  ∞ Steve Rogers                                                              ∞ Clint Barton                                                                ∞ Thor Odinson                                                            ∞ Bruce Banner                                                             ∞ Loki Laufeyson                                                        ∞ Bucky Barnes                                                             ∞ Pietro Maximoff                                                        ∞ Natasha Romanoff                                                  ∞ Sam Wilson
∞ T'Challa
All rights reserved. copyright. © 15th May 2015;Bucky_and_steve                                                    /steal my stuff I steal your soul\

HeyoItsJosie HeyoItsJosie Jul 24, 2016
I love all these relatives. (Except Pierce, because I'm smart.)
HeyoItsJosie HeyoItsJosie Jul 24, 2016
Yanno I already made all the arrangements for my wedding, soooooooo, let me marry you instead.
HeyoItsJosie HeyoItsJosie Jul 24, 2016
This is me when I give people my unwanted "How to kill a guy it thing" advice.
hic_jack_hiro_dashi hic_jack_hiro_dashi Sep 14, 2016
I could just see Thor and reader arguing over who gets the last pop tart
lamelahey lamelahey Dec 27, 2016
honestly if he was stalking me i don't think i'd really even have a problem with it
WOO!!! BLACK LIVES FOR THE WIN!!! (Sorry, if I offended you...) 😂