Are you Still Here? ||EDITING|| (Bill x Reader)

Are you Still Here? ||EDITING|| (Bill x Reader)

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You were at your young age,Family is a if problem to you. You aren't close with your father, Your mother work too hard and died from exhausted and her illness, To be born in a poor family,Of course you and your dad don't have the money to pay medicine.  After the saddening news of your mother, Dad started to think his cruel plan. He decided to sell you. 

Before the new tragedy happen,You run away from your 'home' at the deep dark forest you were lost, 

And it's how you meet the dream demon Bill cipher .

Illuminacho in his Dorito form can do the smiling? Curioser and curioser
I wish I was Divergent. I wish My parents weren't so strict and I could talk to BP. I wish tht YOUD poof me up my own fridge and library
Bill: I am Bi-
                              Me: HE LIES!!!!! HE IS KING ILLUMINACHO OF THE NACHO DORITOS DORITOLANDIA WEST!!!! His brother, also Illuminacho (Will) rules the Cool Ranch Doritos of Doritolandia East
The traingle smilde an evil smile but still warming yeah he smild with his eye so how did you knew that?!
(Y/N): But I haz no wishes or dreams!
                              Bill: Nonsense. Everyone has dreams
                              Me: yea, like I wish for either BillDip to be a reality, Illuminacho to be mine, or BillDip be mine. But none of those things will happen because Illuminacho hates me right now for calling him Illuminacho
                              Bill:damm straight
Me: Uhm...I wanna have happiness._.
                              Bill: Sure thing, kid! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
                              Me: 0-0; Why did I say that...