I need you Mori x reader

I need you Mori x reader

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Written scroll By EmmaFraser6 Updated Jun 28

Really me? 

Hey guys this is my first book on here I hope you all enjoy make sure to put comments down if you have any ideas how the story made be furthered in any sort of way :3 

(H/c) =hair colour
(h/l) =hair length 
(E/c) =eye colour 
(F/c) =favourite colour


Idk why but Mori reminds me of Slenderman ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
I really like the story so far and especially the detail. And I'm not trying to be snobby but it's hard to read when it's all one paragraph. It's not annoying it's just difficult because it have dyslexia. But you're doing a good job so far >.<
RubyCookiez RubyCookiez Oct 14
oooooooo Noice
                              P.S. my fave necklace is a Haru Necklace soo... awkward.... XD
Sorry to bitch about small things but it's hard to read when there are no full stops. 
                              It doesn't make sense without them, again sorry
HalfMiralukanJedi HalfMiralukanJedi Dec 30, 2015
In my mind, I read this in Haruhi's voice... lol, I need to switch to my voice.
doctorwhofan24 doctorwhofan24 Dec 29, 2015
Haruhi's face is my face when I first okay let me rephrase that every time I watch the episode!!!!!!