The Bad Boy Wants Me

The Bad Boy Wants Me

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antisocial pessimist By antisocial_grxnge Updated May 09, 2016

In fairy tales, there is always a prince charming and a bad boy. In real life, prince charming is the bad boy.


"I want you, and I'll always want you. I can't stand being your 'friend' anymore. I want you, and I need you." 

"Drew..." I breath.

"Please give me a chance." 



Drew Roy•••Drew Laker

Ashley Benson•••Grace Marnaè

Taylor Swift•••Alexia Barnet 

Dylan SprayBerry•••Nash Marnaè

Matthew Espinosa•••Christian Jackson

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😂😂😂 " we've been expecting you grace" *que evil laugh
ShyNightSky ShyNightSky Jun 19
I am at a doctor's office with my mom. People keep telling me to shut up cause I'm laughing to hard. Thanks a lot lol
ShyNightSky ShyNightSky Jun 19
Okay................ I just showed my mom that and she laughed
ShyNightSky ShyNightSky Jun 19
Oh no. She walked out of the house with no clothes! But really?! A towel?! You are crazy! But I love your book! It's really cool so far!!!!
ShyNightSky ShyNightSky Jun 19
God. If my mom was like that I would scream my head off!!!!!
Lwavva Lwavva May 01
I would literally die of laughter if that ever happens to me