The Bad Boy Wants Me

The Bad Boy Wants Me

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antisocial pessimist By antisocial_grxnge Updated May 09

In fairy tales, there is always a prince charming and a bad boy. In real life, prince charming is the bad boy.


"I want you, and I'll always want you. I can't stand being your 'friend' anymore. I want you, and I need you." 

"Drew..." I breath.

"Please give me a chance." 



Drew Roy•••Drew Laker

Ashley Benson•••Grace Marnaè

Taylor Swift•••Alexia Barnet 

Dylan SprayBerry•••Nash Marnaè

Matthew Espinosa•••Christian Jackson

badally badally Jun 11
Did you literally quote divergent I am in love with you know😍😍
mistyisdead mistyisdead Jul 05
Tbh I hate them but I don't hate the fans or anything. They're good, but I just don't like them. Its not my type of music. But I don't blame others for liking them and I understand why.
2016coolkid 2016coolkid Aug 03
She is not normal some kids would kill to have permission like that from their parents
emmalove214 emmalove214 May 18
Well her mom is unique I bet some people wish they had a mom like that
Zoe_Sama Zoe_Sama Aug 03
AGAIN?!? 😂😂😂😂
                              She's an idiot to somehow forget her flipping clothes!!!!
Zoe_Sama Zoe_Sama Aug 03
I was born in the Vagina. 
                              Whoops, meant 'Born a Virgin'. Oh woah, these are just getting weird now... Ahem, what I meant was 'Born in Virginia'. Yep, got it right that time!