Please, Alpha

Please, Alpha

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Freya Volvo By oldsoulnewtricks Updated Oct 24

"Seraphina? Hey, it's alright, there's no need to be afraid, I won't hurt you." he said, inching closer to me. 

	"What are you?" I stuttered, hoping that he didn't eat me. 

	"You don't have to be afraid of me, I promise, I would never even dare to hurt you." he said soothingly. "Why don't you come inside?" he said, a couple feet away. Said the spider to the fly. I swallowed thickly

	"Please don't eat me."

When going to a party leads to you getting kidnapped, how would you handle it?

- - Jun 07
XD that is NOT how you French kiss. Something is wrong with him
That monster!!! That's it !!! Hold my hoops I'm go slay a bitch !!!
WAIT! He just f*cking murdered an elderly woman and children!😨
_whoreo_ _whoreo_ Jul 02
Oh yeah it's not what it looks like, how about I go fuçk a guy in another room yeah it's not what it looks like
                              AND FOR HIS MATE!?
                              WHAT A SOB...
Her name reminds me of Aquafina (water bottle company) LOL they can be twins 😂