Sex One shots

Sex One shots

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CrystalWithaC By CrystalWithaC Updated May 01, 2015

I was sitting at my desk waiting for my hot teacher to come in, man I wish I could fuck him so hard right now. I sat there as he entered. I was already wet.

"Ms.Harris, detention again, today you will be copying the glossary of your health book, all of it!"

"Whatever Jack" 

He sat behind his desk reading a books, now today I was determined to have sex with him. I purposely dropped my pencil and got on the floor trying to show him my big ass, and so far it's working, I quickly turned around to see something rising at the corner of my eye.

"Mr. Ashton" I say in a cute little girl voice.

"I need your help" I say.

He comes over to me and asks "and what do you need?" He asks in such a deep, Husky voice, he is so Hot I can't take it!

"YOU INSIDE ME!" I yell as I grab his face and started a make out session. He grabs grabs my waist and puts me on top of the desks without breaking our lips. 

He breaks from the kiss and whispers in my ear. "You have no idea how much I wanted this" 


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IceaFrost IceaFrost Oct 09
This make me feel awkward considering my younger cousin is named Ashton
I'm crying tears of laughter...... *gains composure, not really* so s-sexy *breaks down in laughter*
' What do you need? ' You know what I need? I need a thick... Hot... Tall... Glass... Of the one and only....
Omg I just started crying bc of how much I'm laughing. That sounds superrrrrr sexy alright 😂😂