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Merlin: The missing prince

Merlin: The missing prince

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Ravenerd_Hufflebrat By Ravenerd_Hufflebrat Completed

Merlin sighed as he finished Arthur's clothes. Today was the day. The day he knew pain. The day he knew betrayal. The day he found his magic. The worst day of his life. Arthur and the knights found out a long time ago to not ask about it, they don't like to talk about that day that it happened.... *shivers*  Gwaine had enough though. He wanted to know what had happened that day. Gwaine kept thinking and realized that he knew very little about Merlin while, Merlin knew almost everything about every knight, servant, noble, everyone of Camelot it seemed. Gwaine decide to brush it off but,little did he know that was the biggest mistake of his life.
What happens when strange knights come to Camelot only for Merlin to go missing the next day. What has happened to the so called clumsy servant, Merlin and who played a part in it?

Loveless212 Loveless212 Apr 04, 2016
Ehhhh, one question: how old is mordred, really? Because in one season he's ,like, ten and then next thing I know he looks like he's twenty!
1. Arthur is alive 
                              Me: YAZ!!!!
                              2. Lancelot is alive 
                              Me: YAAAAZ!!!
                              3. Mordres isn't evil 
                              Me: I think you should be the producer of Merlin.
LadyShadowOfCamelot LadyShadowOfCamelot Aug 24, 2016
I wrote Merlin like Arthur in the mornings. It was hilarious when his manservent wakes him up, and the knights are laughing their heads off.
SecretDCheesecake SecretDCheesecake Dec 13, 2016
1. Ima grab Merlin.
                              2. Ima grab Arthur.
                              3. They are both my cats but I'm going to make them kiss anyways.
Dam! It's so odd to find a PJO and Merlin fan! Thought me and my friends were the only ones! (That means you are super cool.)
LadyShadowOfCamelot LadyShadowOfCamelot Aug 24, 2016
Everyone's saying they read it as Scar, but I read it in Moriarty's voice.