Dare Me to Live

Dare Me to Live

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E. M. Leon By RedasNight Completed


College is a time to start from scratch, to start over, to find yourself. Dash, who survived a car crash her best friend Danny did not, desperately needs a fresh start. But with PTSD episodes from the smallest of triggers and her cheating ex-boyfriend constantly showing up on campus, she isn't sure how to. 

She can't find a friend in her roommate, who appears to be the spawn of Godzilla and Barbie, and her very first philosophy class sends her reeling with conversations about death and the afterlife she isn't ready to face. Dash is determined to prove to herself and her parents that she can handle being on her own at school, but struggles to separate her present day from her dark dreams. And it becomes even more confusing when she gets involved with Tyler who also has a past he wants to avoid.

Can she overcome the mental scars the accident left her with, or will she carry them forever?

Cover by: @MulanJiang 

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I actually read the whole book in one sitting. Didn't comment or vote but will do that now. I am so engrossed in the story that I kept on going to the next chapter without stopping. I like your MC. She is flawed yet at the same time very well developed.
I really liked how it starts. Strong. Although i do want to see how this girl will love when she finds her man lol. Its always fun to see them falling.
                              Small typo:) 
                              You're stuck with me now hahaha, this is in my library.
overcrowded overcrowded Nov 07
Intriguing beginning... Hope the book's not going to be cliché though.
A pretty interesting prologue. I like the protagonist, she seems like the type of girl I usually root for. Zero tolerance against infidelity. That's what I like to read.
I'm interested and want to find out more. A good prologue! Minor grammatical errors