Watch it, Brat

Watch it, Brat

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Note: this fic is a YumiKuri and Ereri/Riren fic

Watches. Everyone has one. When born, a child has a small timer on their wrist that counts down to the moment they meet their soulmate. Unless they're Aro/Ace, of course. Eren's timer went off at a very young age. The week he was born, to be precise. Levi met his supposed soulmate when he was 6. Though he felt affection towards Farlan, it was never romantic. The two find each other and fall in love, despite what their stupid timers say. 

Krista has always preferred to keep her watch covered up. Being a romantic, she didn't think there was a point in letting the watch decide. She wanted to figure it out on her own. Ymir, however, looked forward to the day she would meet hers. It wasn't that she dreamed about it, she honestly just wanted to get it over with. When her watch goes off at the one of the most unfortunate of times, she's left in the dark on who it could be.

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That moment when you're actually shorter than Levi by three inches...
Linia_N Linia_N Oct 04
No sweete stop crying. You will meet your soulmate. Just go back to Levi.
sassyvaldez sassyvaldez Aug 31
You're just jealous because Levi will grow up to be more fab than u
Why are people so insensitive about that? I'm also 5'3" and people are like WOAH UR CRYSTAL? SHES THE GIRL WHO GOT NICKNAMED SATAN AND BEAT A SENIOR'S AS* WHEN SHE WAS IN SEVENTH GRADE!! WOW SHES SHORT!!!
my heart hurts but I'm telling myself "its ok.. ereri will come soon, calm down.." and its not helping
Yaaaasssssssss freckle Jesus and horse face are the perfect Match