Intoxicating ||Dave Strider x Reader||

Intoxicating ||Dave Strider x Reader||

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Two years ago, when you were in 6th grade, you joined a special program called SBURB. The program is for (a) group(s)of students from 6th to 8th to work together and program a video game together. 

Before 5th grade ended, all the students were sorted into groups. During the time, you met a certain annoying leader named Dave Strider.

*~ Disclaimer! This isn't my greatest story, I'm sorry. If you want to find a better Dave x Reader by me read 'Strawberry Sweet'.~*

Wait I'm not that far yet. Only on act 3 and we just met jade harley
Dave strider stride .....It should be a dance move like the moon walk or something😂😂😂😂
Hussie school?
                              Is Hussie one of those teachers who try to act cool?
It was like straight out of a movie, boy and girl see each other both think,
                              'You're hot, but god do I want to hit you with a chair"
I read half of it and go "Karkat you have no right to say that" reads the rest "glad Kanya understands."
We are now
                              The Huss
                              Grab your crooked trident
                              And get ready to stab Karkat.