Tutoring EXO ( EXO fanfic )

Tutoring EXO ( EXO fanfic )

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Moon_17 By ncttrash Completed

Past that door will he the boys who will be deciding my future. 

My future?

I have it all planned out.

It's like this one big battle plan against life, and I'll do anything to be successful.

But maybe doing anything wasn't the answer.

Because of one choice my whole future plan changes.

Because of one choice fate decides to lead me a whole new road.

Well fate really doesn't matter anymore.

All that matters is EXO.

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wer1_exol wer1_exol Jan 12, 2017
Speechless, clueless
                              Shoot anonymous anonymous
                              No one care about me
iyehateyou iyehateyou Dec 25, 2016
W-wait? What was that? Eggso? What's an eggso? I've never heard of that before...
julylovve julylovve Feb 13, 2017
Is he the main guy character? (Loving the story by the way, surprised I haven't read it before)
lemonandlemons lemonandlemons Jan 26, 2017
lol ikr that's how i'd react. if i didn't know his real name
julylovve julylovve Feb 13, 2017
Tbh I'm really getting into this!! I haven't gotten in a fanfic in a long time