The Surrogate (A Michael Jackson Fanfiction)

The Surrogate (A Michael Jackson Fanfiction)

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HoneytotheBee By HoneytotheBee Updated Mar 17, 2017

Nina Chambers, after losing her job stumbles upon an ad asking for surrogate mothers and offering high compensation. Going with her gut instinct, she decides this is the best thing to do to take care of herself and her three year old son.

Michael Jackson, having lost all faith in relationships and interest in marriage, feels like his dream of having children of his own is impossible. But with the support of his mother and sister he finally gains the courage to go through with his idea of having a surrogate carry a child for him.

Will these two people with completely different personalities survive the length of the pregnancy without killing each other?

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Dovecameronrp Dovecameronrp Sep 12, 2017
I mean you are going to be carrying his child....He could easily back out then your ass is going to be broke.How does that sound?
michaelsafro michaelsafro Dec 28, 2017
That's like embarrassing, i cant imagine mj knowing about my cycle
imthatpoisonhoe imthatpoisonhoe Feb 16, 2017
never thought of it til now but this reminds me of the way you make me fell expect he might not get the girl in the end
imthatpoisonhoe imthatpoisonhoe Jan 11, 2017
damn feisty he loves em feisty but she need to ease up a little fr she starting to get on my nerves
imthatpoisonhoe imthatpoisonhoe Jan 11, 2017
sign me up!! would've been my attitude the first time i saw this in real life
BruhitsMelody BruhitsMelody Feb 06, 2016
Girl your gonna go through this listen to Mike "keeping your head up to the sky keeping your mind and stay alive give me your wings so we can fly..."