Jungkook My Kidnapper || Jungkook #Wattys2017

Jungkook My Kidnapper || Jungkook #Wattys2017

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Ashley is suddenly kidnapped. She hears that her father was murdered. Her kidnapper on the other hand has some sort of connection with her, but she doesn't remember.

It's up to Jungkook and his group to help her gain back her precious childhood memories and help get revenge for her father, but will she gain back her memories? Will she get revenge for her father? Will it be completed without anyone getting harmed?

© kimseok-ah || 2015

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3isabella1 3isabella1 Apr 06
What the fúck gurl he's the one who got you in the bad situation in the first place and now suddenly you want him like what's wrong with you
Jiminipabo123 Jiminipabo123 4 days ago
One she was just kidnapped she should be scared. Two She shouldn't trust a stranger who kidnapped her any stranger as a matter of fact. Three, why is she so exited for a secret place 😏. Four, J HOOOPPPPPEEEEE
*Facepalm* tell me jungkook pls even tho i already know what you were gonna say.
Is it jimin or what if it's just a random Jim .... nah it probably jimin
putawhat putawhat May 31
kookie get that scar when he was fighting with his bro for computer 😂😂😂
I_ship_vkook I_ship_vkook Sep 18, 2016
You can hear someone grin? Well then I guess I can smell someone laugh