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niellexoxo By niellexoxo Completed

"When will you understand that I am your daughter's teacher?"

"As soon as you understand that I want to be so much more"

I'm sorry..did I just read that? A 22 year old saying that? Are you sure you didn't add an extra two by accident?
unbreakablesmilez unbreakablesmilez Sep 02, 2016
I had a teacher once who said all healthy children watched porn. 
                              I Damn well had cancer
GvldenStylez GvldenStylez Dec 18, 2016
Jamie, calm tf down before I break your pencil and drink your apple juice. Mmmkay?
5boyzruinedmylife 5boyzruinedmylife Aug 31, 2016
Yeah my mom thinks I'm much of a prude too and should go out more
Because the sin of gender roles have already been planted in your innocent soul Jamie