Guts (the original interactive zombie apocalypse survival story)

Guts (the original interactive zombie apocalypse survival story)

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Sam Smith By Pixee_Styx Completed

The dead have risen. You wake up in the middle of this violent, rotting new world. The putrid stench of carnage is in the air. You flip on the news to learn that dead people are coming back and cannibalizing every living creature in sight.  A never-ending cycle of death and the rise of the undead has begun. 

Will you fall prey to the undead, or have you got what it takes to survive?

Females and males can participate! In Guts you control your fate. You will choose your own path to survival or death, so choose wisely. Good luck . . .

TessaGray18 TessaGray18 Dec 04, 2016
I'm feeling risky gonna go to the mall nothing happens at home anyway
SophsTheCat SophsTheCat Jan 03
I would NEVER try and seek safety in numbers around an advanced form of rabies. It's like a chicken coop, one person gets it it spreads like wildfire until everyone else. Probably best to stay alone or in a small group, no more than four
PinklyPaint PinklyPaint Nov 08, 2016
Goes to protect all of my ships* STAY AWAY FROM SEPTIPLIER!!!
rosecakekitten rosecakekitten Jul 17, 2016
I've been looking for a game like this one! Bring it on! Yayayayyaayyayayayay
This is so descriptive!
                              (I'm going for the mall. If I stay in one place, I'm gonna die.)
Jamiol Jamiol Sep 02, 2016
I'm really looking forward to reading this! Awesome premise for a story, it's great to find a well written, more mature choose your own adventure :)