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My guardian angel the bad boy(Discounted)

My guardian angel the bad boy(Discounted)

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Queen lmao By kyledavidhalls_gf Completed

Hello Nijah here (no not the character) if you've read any of my books you know they don't really finish I'm working on this one and another one about friendship and such anyway this is going to be 3 book series and believe it or not I'm going to finish it,yes I may delay sometimes or put It on hold but it
Will be a good series in the end so I'm going to give you a description or a more clearer one at that 
Nijah was a new kid not only was she new she was nerdy lucky for her she made a friend quickly Brianna so we have to bands loving nerds and then the bad boy his name Killiec yeah I know you pronounce it kill then eeck basically so one day Killiec bump into Nijah and everything changes 
Yeah it sucked sorry but here is Thai for later okay bye 

kynne1 kynne1 Apr 17
*Pokes her boob with a needle*'s real?....never would've thought
Nigga oh hell no, you's about to catch these hands 🤼‍♀️🥊🥊
biancalhurtt biancalhurtt 2 days ago
Oh so she racist....ok best believe her was will be getting beat and them birches weak for jumping her...I hope she not the scared type of nerd cause she need to come back and beat they azz
Omg let that be my daughter I know it's sounds cliche but I'm going to catch me a case hell to the no! No one I mean no one touches my kids and gets away with it I will go after those kids and the school for failing safeguarding regulations
Kakashi136 Kakashi136 Mar 18
He probably don't even want you because you're used goods that has expired no why because he tried to make a move on the next best thing
staceg staceg Apr 13
Aye I'm from new York,I'm actually back there now from Boston.