My Brother is my Mate

My Brother is my Mate

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Wolf£ By Mirandaaajeanne Completed

[grammar mistakes are included... Sorry, working on it]

"This doesn't make sense." I whispered, my hand on the door knob. 
"We can't tell mom and dad." He whispered back into the darkness.
"You can't be my mate!?" I hissed back "your my brother." 
"I'm not going to resist the Sparks April," He growled, but continued "or the pull, and feeling of want... Do you hear me?" He growled. 
"I want you so bad it hurts" he whispered. 

It was like my lips moved and spoke for me. 
  "Then take me." 

His warm lips smashed onto mine finding them in the dark. Sparks lit the tiny closet up, and suddenly I knew where he was almost as if we were in a room full of light. I could see every move he made, and I wanted him to make a move on me.
I kissed him back with force, and longing.

My first kiss is with my brother. 
My mate.

WARNING: DO NOT READ MY BOOK IF ALL YOU ARE GOING TO DO IS LEAVE NASTY COMMENTS. DO NOT CLICK ON MY BOOK. DO NOT EVEN LOOK AT MY BOOK.  YOUR OPINION IS NOT WANTED. LEAVE. stop calling it incest when you can't even get past the first 5 chapters. There is a plot. I, IN NO WAY, SUPPORT INCEST. So just go away... please and thank you.

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AlphaMorrow AlphaMorrow Sep 12
Step or adopted as long as it's not by blood dna it is not incest frowned upon yes but not incest and not against the law
*reads wattpad comments*
                              *sips tea*
                              *pets dog fiercly*
Guys for real, one of them is probably adopted, its not that deep
I’m reading to find out if it’s actually incest or the parents adopted one of them without them knowing
Vxrcious Vxrcious Sep 14
This is incest . And it’s disgusting . I can get like step brother but they’re completely related . Ugh .
whats the point of thinking he is hot? he is your own flesh and blood. You are basically him.