Falling in love for the last time (English translation)

Falling in love for the last time (English translation)

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5h♕ By lovat0laugh Updated Jun 25, 2016

Fifth Harmony is one of the largest girl group of the last ten years. Two of the members, Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello, are trying to hold in the middle of the sordid music industry two of its greater weight. On the right side of the balance, it contains their careers, on the left which few people have the honor to feel, there is love. When pressure is made on the things you care about most in life, which strings you think will drop first? Camila and Lauren had only one certainty, the one who said in so many words that they loved each other. However, as regards the other side of the scale? How many more weights would be placed? When we love someone more than life itself, how far can we fight? Things have never been easy for Fifth Harmony and Camren but there never has been a warning that everything would be so difficult.

"If you're sitting comfortably, so let me start. I want to tell you a story about the confusion that there is in me, and it all starts with a girl, she's messing up my world." ~ Camila Cabello.

credit to: @gikordei
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LernEmila327 LernEmila327 Nov 03, 2015
I'm so excited to read this :D thank you so much for taking the time and translating :)
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About the last coment, don't worry! I"ll be patient, I promise :) hahah It seems like a really good fic so far, rigth?
BraveHonest0611 BraveHonest0611 May 01, 2015
I knew i should have waited at least for the next two o three chapters :( thanks for translate this story!