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Kirsty By kryatal344 Completed

Alice is the tormentor of the Clevand High School. She thrives in her group of friends, also the pranksters, and loves to break kids down. When she gets involved with the high school basketball star will she get more than she bargained for?

A ski mask romance. 

This story references suicide, depression, self harm and child abuse. If any of these trigger you please read with caution.

!!I wrote this story while being an underclassmen in high school. There will be grammar mistakes and plot issues and character development problems. I would go through and edit it but that would lead to me wanting to rewrite the story entirely. I'm assuming some (53k) people would be upset if I rewrite the whole story so that's just not happening. I sincerely apologize for any issues in the story. Further releases from me are going to be demonstrably improved.!!

Bitch I s2g touch his music your gonna have to learn karate in two seconds or your gonna have a noose around your neck!
iimplicitt iimplicitt May 26
the sass is RADIATING off of him 
                              like you need sunglasses
If you hurt Tyler in any way, I will shove a stick so far up your aśś, that you could see it coming out of your mouth.
iimplicitt iimplicitt May 26
                              what am i doing with my life
TOPgiraffe TOPgiraffe Jul 13
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this is my fifth time reading this. i live for this story i swear.