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Clockwork X reader

Clockwork X reader

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SoupEater5 By SoupEater5 Updated Jul 11, 2015

First of all, This is my first X reader on Wattpad. Second, If you want to say anything rude, I'd like you to turn around and walk away slowly. Now that I'm done threatening people, Lets get on with the Intro. :)
(Y/N) = Your name
(F/S) = Favourite shirt
(F/B) = Favourite Band
(H/C) = Hair color
(H/L) = Hair length
That's All for now, If I think I'm going to need it, I'll give you an update. Now, one last thing. This is a Yuri. That means a GirlXGirl. Alrighty then.
As always, I'll see you on the next page. :) 

TiccixClockwork TiccixClockwork Dec 03, 2016
Cole,If ur about to die by zombies,I was tripping u,GREEN DAY,Black, Long
                              I grew it out and made myself look like Jeff the killer on halloween
ShadowPuppet2013 ShadowPuppet2013 Mar 20, 2016
I only chose it because the rest of the clockwork x readers where like "Wai- WHA- what the hell?" Okay so let's begin.......
bloodynothing bloodynothing Jun 01, 2016
Ok gonna say this I was born with pitch black and emerald green tipped hair
I think I might make a shirt that says,"I'm sorry, but I'm too retarded to understand your pathetic insults." Anyone else like that idea? No? Okay......
SoupEater5 SoupEater5 May 20, 2015
Yes, You could. But originally, It was meant for my friend who wanted me to do a Yuri X reader story. But, I'm not adding any Lemons to this one. (maybe. ) :3 So, Yeah. 
Jackiejackowo Jackiejackowo May 20, 2015
I've never saw many of these. Such a shame.....I see sooooo many 'Ticci Toby x reader's' But never any Clocky x readers....Glad you made this! It's awesome! And i like the fact that it's GirlXGirl Aka Yuri.