Hide Your Wings

Hide Your Wings

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Just your typical Destiel Highschool au!

Castiel's family are mutants that have badass wings 'n shit
Everyone else is a pretty normal human i guess.

Castiel has this major crush on Dean, but Dean doesn't even notice him that much until they have to do a project in school together that requires they spend a LOT of time together.

This entire fanfiction is completely ridiculous, basically just crack don't expect much serious stuff.

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PuellaBellator PuellaBellator Oct 31, 2017
Im reading this because I need a comedy destiel book so thank you for providing my friend
TeLosechesters TeLosechesters Aug 09, 2017
This person is going to become an incredible author in the future
Fullhomodestiel Fullhomodestiel Feb 23, 2017
I'm already laughing my âss off... You'll find me in the corner on the floor
etherealnewt etherealnewt Nov 07, 2016
*turns around* oh hey I'm 18, single as a Pringle, I like long walks along the beach, what's your number?
larrywontsink larrywontsink Sep 30, 2016
cas, u need to go find yourself a freezer, climb in it, and chill tf out