Hide Your Wings

Hide Your Wings

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Just your typical Destiel Highschool au!

Castiel's family are mutants that have badass wings 'n shit
Everyone else is a pretty normal human i guess.

Castiel has this major crush on Dean, but Dean doesn't even notice him that much until they have to do a project in school together that requires they spend a LOT of time together.

This entire fanfiction is completely ridiculous, basically just crack don't expect much serious stuff.

voidargxntt voidargxntt Nov 07, 2016
*turns around* oh hey I'm 18, single as a Pringle, I like long walks along the beach, what's your number?
larrywontsink larrywontsink Sep 30, 2016
cas, u need to go find yourself a freezer, climb in it, and chill tf out
ReySmith0 ReySmith0 a day ago
Cassie, you would HATE my girls-only, Catholic, private, high school.