That Rogue Is Mine (werewolf/boyxboy/oneshot/mpreg)

That Rogue Is Mine (werewolf/boyxboy/oneshot/mpreg)

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alesha By Leishadrae Completed

Approaching my mate's cell I was hit with his sweet lavender scent increased tenfold. My mate was in heat. 

Mate him! Mark him! Make him ours! 

My wolf was prancing about and screaming. Looking into my mate's brown eyes I realized I did not even know his name. 
"What's your name rogue?!" I shouted at him while banging on his cell. 
He jumped, banging his head on the cell bars. 

"Paris" he replied and my knee shook at the angelic voice. He seems so innocent and it was then the guilt of what I was really doing to my mate really hit me. 
He was so innocent, his soft brown eyes looking up at me in awe even after I had ignored him time and time again in the pass week. 

That was how much we adored him my wolf reminded me. The rogue who hurt us. I adored him. 

Feeling upset with myself for finding a rogue innocent. I lashed out. I opened Paris' cell and dragged him out by his hair. 
Read to see what happens with Alpha Aiden and his rogue Paris.

gavraela99 gavraela99 Aug 15
Aiden I ought to punch you in yo esophagus, keep testing me and see what happens😡
gavraela99 gavraela99 Aug 15
I thought he said I don't want your dirty sheets and I was like, "you go, baby!" Then I reread and I was like, "oh..."
intririous intririous May 05
When an author's too lazy to come up with New baby names xD #joke.