Lucaya one shots

Lucaya one shots

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Morgan By FandomFanatic1010 Updated Jul 12

"I thought this is what you wanted Maya"

"May i?"

"I don't mind"

"But sir, i would like to make history"

"Maybe 94%"

"Which one?"

"Don't make it a habit Ranger Rick"

"Just no hanky panky!"

"You two are a lovely couple"

"Your so cute when you think" 

"Are you on board?"

"I love you Maya"

"Please, im good at everything"

"Shut it Huckleberry, or else you'll be the first person I sacrifice to the popcorn gods"

"Hey, it takes two to tango"

"Hey slugger"

"Heeyy shortstop"

"...My beautiful imperfection"

"No shit sherlock"

Above are some quotes from my different Lucaya one shots which are always have the ship Lucaya as the main relationship, for anymore information read the first page/request pages and enjoy!

Sooo cute.....But now I rly want them to kiss on the lips😂😂❤️❤️
Why did I read this "I want to make out with your daughters"
The essence is perfect, only thing I'd change is to copy and paste the one- shot onto a word document to check it for spell check.
That was soooooooo cute!!!!! I loved it:D yay! I'm the 100th comment:)
There is no emoji to express my emotion so I'll just say AHDBRHTBTHBFHRJWNWOCNFNKDIEBFJFJDNNS :)