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ISSA KNIFE By pizzafrys Completed

"Can she speak?"


*WARNING this story will start off very erotic* (18 years or older)

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  • molestation
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PEOPLE OVER HERE CAN I PLEASE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION!?  thanks.  She's Thinking that cause she's a mute and he took that as an advantage.
Am I the only one who thought of Liam Payne when it said leeroy
ppl just bcs she enjoyed it it doesn’t mean she wanted it to happen...
Basically the whole belieber fandom loves smut so this shouldn’t be a problem
I went to a private school for kindergarten, it sucked like a bitch
One time I had to use the bathroom and my science teacher found out and he decided to turn the sink on and take forever to give me a bathroom pass 😂😂😂😂