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❤❤❤ By itsxnunu Updated Aug 27, 2017

Samar Khaled, an 18 old girl. Honest, stubborn, confident but shy at the same time, crazy, muslim, generous, good girl. Hazel/green eyes, long dark brown hair, tanned skin, pinky plumpy lips, what we call arabian beauty.

Aaron Carpenter, a 19 old boy. Confident, popular, crazy, friendly, outgoing. Green e eyes, brown hair, round cute nose, tall, fit, what we call every girl's dream boy.

They hated each other with a strong passion. She thought he was the typical school's jerk/player. He thought she was the typical goody-goody two shoes. But what will happen if something happens and slowly they start to fall for each other?

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SalwahAmer SalwahAmer Apr 28, 2017
Just read it and i am really happy for the starting 
                              And yup me t am arab 😊
                              I hope u write more stories
PineaPaul12 PineaPaul12 Oct 09, 2017
I take my time as well. I take agessssss getting changed. 😂
- - Oct 18, 2015
I really enjoy the fact that your characters are different and not just the same old type of boring characters
- - Oct 18, 2015
I finally started to read this story at your request, and honestly even thought it's just the beginning, I am already fascinated by your characters. Excited for the next part!
Untroubledsoul Untroubledsoul Oct 05, 2015
Yes i can see you're an arab maybe? Thats why its difficult to write? I understand. English is not my qst language too.
Untroubledsoul Untroubledsoul Oct 05, 2015
Yes there are few grammatical errors but nothing that can't be fixed. My club offers a writong mentor thread. You can see the link on my about me, if you want. :)