Light of Freedom [ Hunter x Hunter fic. Reverse Harem. ]

Light of Freedom [ Hunter x Hunter fic. Reverse Harem. ]

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Seraphina By alicebld Updated Nov 22, 2015

Follow Lucita Helez through her journey in The Hunter world!!

"Hey hey, why do you use so many Pins in your face? Is it for facial? Does it make you beautiful? Can I try?"

"Mr. Clown, what is pedophile? My friends say you are pedophile." 

[have no summary idea]

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It's a bad luck #. Friday the thirteenth, the day of death......
                              According to my friends, I myself never watched the movie.Lol
chneai99 chneai99 Aug 09
When my classmates enter the class, that's what I usually think 😂😂
I am sulking because of her attitude...... perks of being a introvert....
When you start reading the story later than everyone else, so all the conversations have already finished, so you are basically irrelevant. :''))
JOtakuAnime JOtakuAnime Aug 04
😂😂 Yay Humans!! Yeah!! That's what I always say 😂😂😂
POKE HIM UNTIL DEATH!!! WHEN YOU DIE,  YOUR LAST WORDS ARE................... can I pull out your pins?