Blood Red (Daredevil FF)

Blood Red (Daredevil FF)

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A new city, a new flat, a new neighbor and a lot of trouble.

I didn't know my life would be like this now. I expected it to be amazing or exciting - actually it turned out to be exciting but in a bad way. 
There was just one thing which was exciting in a positive way: my neighbour.

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abi_warren3 abi_warren3 Aug 23, 2017
Why does everyone have an uncle named Paul? I do too, is that just a generic uncle name?
MaggieMiracul0usN0ir MaggieMiracul0usN0ir May 25, 2017
Oh no, is Gordon Ramsey the landlord of my flat?? And is he going to yell at me for not paying the rent and cooking awfully?
God_SaveThe_Queen God_SaveThe_Queen May 23, 2016
This is what you get for buying a flight just because your marketing agent said it was perfect😂😂3
RoseAndKitty RoseAndKitty Sep 04, 2016
Imagine someone telling you that when you move to your dream city!
SophieWhettingsteel SophieWhettingsteel Sep 08, 2016
I think that you can repeat your words too much. You had one with driving and the taxi driver as well. Here you could write; Luckily I saw one not far,,,,,,
kurli_friez kurli_friez Aug 01, 2016
Well you could kinda, you kill some one with anything really