Natsu, From Male to Female

Natsu, From Male to Female

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[ON HOLD] for now

Team Natsu decided to take a mission and while at the mission they rest on a cave and Natsu try to get some foods to eat while raining but he was kidnapped and change into a GIRL  

After turning to a girl Gray and Sting fall in love with her so she was caught on a love triangle with those two

 Gratsu (Gray x Fem Natsu)
Stingsu (Sting x Fem Natsu)
Jackal x Fem Natsu

You have the power to choose who you gonna pair up with Natsu (you can comment your bet if the chapter has a who to pair up on it)

Thank You!

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Basically what happened Gray saw Natsu a girl he yell "Natsu a girl and is going to have memory erased! Ahh." So gray Ezra and Lucy save Natsu and they walk Natsu back EVEN THOUGH THEY WENT ON A TRAIN
PercyJackson2546 PercyJackson2546 4 days ago
nope their not I don't have boobs sorry
"Are those boobs real?" what I thought to myself after puberty hit me like my mom's flip flops.
Sedashi Sedashi Dec 05
Aaaaaand... that doesn't ring any alarm bells for you? And at all?
Nazirah14 Nazirah14 Apr 26, 2016
i think so . yeah gray like what you see (im rooting for stingx natsu but im still in love with gray x natsu
Kinsey60801 Kinsey60801 Jul 21, 2016
"Are those boobs real?!" Ok first who said that and congrats to them because I almost died of laughter xD