Natsu, From Male to Female

Natsu, From Male to Female

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[ON HOLD] for now

Team Natsu decided to take a mission and while at the mission they rest on a cave and Natsu try to get some foods to eat while raining but he was kidnapped and change into a GIRL  

After turning to a girl Gray and Sting fall in love with her so she was caught on a love triangle with those two

 Gratsu (Gray x Fem Natsu)
Stingsu (Sting x Fem Natsu)
Jackal x Fem Natsu

You have the power to choose who you gonna pair up with Natsu (you can comment your bet if the chapter has a who to pair up on it)

Thank You!

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DragonKats89 DragonKats89 Jul 21, 2017
Basically what happened Gray saw Natsu a girl he yell "Natsu a girl and is going to have memory erased! Ahh." So gray Ezra and Lucy save Natsu and they walk Natsu back EVEN THOUGH THEY WENT ON A TRAIN
Sedashi Sedashi Dec 05, 2017
Aaaaaand... that doesn't ring any alarm bells for you? And at all?
Me:  Wadup pal....
                              PervScientist: What the?!?!
                              Me: StarNight....
                              StarNight: *sings*
                              Me: Blaze!!!!!! Get Natsu!!!
                              Blaze: Aayyee!!!!
                              Me: StarNight stop!!!!
                              StarNight: *stop's singing* Huff lets go!!! Huff
Nazirah14 Nazirah14 Apr 26, 2016
i think so . yeah gray like what you see (im rooting for stingx natsu but im still in love with gray x natsu
equine0pone equine0pone Oct 30, 2015
Wait I'm confused! Does Gray Erza and Lucy know the girl is Natsu?
Seen-Zoned Seen-Zoned Oct 16, 2015
Behold, ladies and gentlemen! The first thing Lucy says as she makes her appearance! XD