Just A Kiss Goodnight

Just A Kiss Goodnight

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Kate Sullivan has made a highly successful career out of being a geek and is enjoying the opportunities it creates. When she meets Tom Hiddleston, the impact he has on her life is one she couldn't have ever imagined.

I don't own any of the celebrities named in this work, only the fictional characters created.

All rights reserved. Some chapters rated PG13

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CatsRDaBestSocks CatsRDaBestSocks Apr 10, 2017
Guys, this is the second time I'm reading this now. Like the whole book. I'm crazy.
DarcyRossetti24 DarcyRossetti24 Apr 21, 2017
Yeahhh.. This is already better than some novels I've read...
MidnightAngelsFlame MidnightAngelsFlame May 21, 2017
I was think ing the same thing lol Tahiti  is a magial place.
WatsonsPotato WatsonsPotato Mar 01, 2016
Okay that's it I'm not sleeping anymore ! ^^ I knew it was not a good idea to start this at 1 am but I couldn't resist ^^
tomholland2k17 tomholland2k17 Feb 12, 2016
AAAAH ALREADY LOVING THIS STORY!! And I love the fact that she has an avengers hoodie!😂💕
LoveTHiddles LoveTHiddles Aug 02, 2016
Love it! Can you do me a favor? Can you please go check out my story-Not Your Typical Teenager? It's a Marvel fanfiction, starts off kinda slow but once it gets going, I think you'll like it. Loki is in, just in case you wanted to know!