Just A Kiss Goodnight

Just A Kiss Goodnight

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Kate Sullivan has made a highly successful career out of being a geek and is enjoying the opportunities it creates. When she meets Tom Hiddleston, the impact he has on her life is one she couldn't have ever imagined.

I don't own any of the celebrities named in this work, only the fictional characters created.

All rights reserved. Some chapters rated PG13

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Guys, this is the second time I'm reading this now. Like the whole book. I'm crazy.
Yeahhh.. This is already better than some novels I've read...
I was think ing the same thing lol Tahiti  is a magial place.
WatsonsPotato WatsonsPotato Mar 01, 2016
Okay that's it I'm not sleeping anymore ! ^^ I knew it was not a good idea to start this at 1 am but I couldn't resist ^^
tomholland2k17 tomholland2k17 Feb 12, 2016
AAAAH ALREADY LOVING THIS STORY!! And I love the fact that she has an avengers hoodie!😂💕
LoveTHiddles LoveTHiddles Aug 02, 2016
Love it! Can you do me a favor? Can you please go check out my story-Not Your Typical Teenager? It's a Marvel fanfiction, starts off kinda slow but once it gets going, I think you'll like it. Loki is in, just in case you wanted to know!