High School Days (Shizaya fanfic)

High School Days (Shizaya fanfic)

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Kpoptaku By Animeforlife123 Updated Jun 23, 2016

It all started from that very day they met. At Raijin Academy,  to be exact. And the "they" was a certain blonde and raven haired boy. And right from the start, they hated each others guts. 


What if, one of them falls in love with the other? 

Disclaimer: I own nothing, just the fanfic. All credit goes to their respective owners.

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Klameta Klameta Aug 26, 2017
I like how author-san made all parts of his uniform whit slight detail,  and then on the end pants :'D
Izaya_Orihara579 Izaya_Orihara579 Jul 06, 2017
Why were you exhausted lol just kidding that is totally me !!
Fujoshi_Emo_Girl Fujoshi_Emo_Girl Dec 26, 2017
For some reason i immideatly thought of Kanzaki from Assassination Classroom :/
Izaya_Orihara579 Izaya_Orihara579 Jul 06, 2017
I will kill the B*tch OK only Shizuo and izaya can love each other OK and only izaya can call Shizuo Shizu-Chan OK so that B*tch  better back off !!!!! I hope that i have made myself clear
For some reason when i read yui i immidiently tought of diabolik lovers
CielPhantomhiveBacon CielPhantomhiveBacon Sep 25, 2017
25!? I thought it'd be 125,789 Shizu~Chan you disappoint me!