Safe - Niam

Safe - Niam

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Jesika By jeswi1s Completed

A young man with a mysterious past lands in Eastport, North Carolina where his bond with a widower forces him to confront the dark secret that haunts him.

This is a Niam book. 

There is also some Louis in it.

This book is (AU). The boys are not famous in it.

This book is very well written and detailed... and I promise you it won't disappoint. I love this book so much.

This book is boyxboy

This book contains some violence.

**Please note** I am not taking any credit for the ideas in this book. All credit goes to the original author who wrote this book. I have merely changed the characters and added my own ideas along the way.

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lamedelaney lamedelaney Sep 21, 2016
if my arms were long enough, i would be able to wash the ceiling