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dear daddy, || s.w.

dear daddy, || s.w.

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tayler marie By ineffablewilk Updated Jan 02

in which a girl writes about one of her guy best friends in her diary, well that is until he finds out.
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©2015 Tayler

daddywilk_ daddywilk_ Dec 29, 2016
Let's see mmh I'm 17 5'5 short AF obsessed with Sammy, KFC my life. Idgaf bout no one low key reads books on wattpad binge watches Vampire Diaries and PLL what's not 2 like? Nothing Bro nothing 😂😂😂 bet that girl be lookin better than me smh 🤦‍♂️
Its obvious I don't listen to lil Wayne 😂😂 selsun blue to me is just dandruff shampoo 😂😂
starbucksmendes starbucksmendes Apr 20, 2016
This is me writing to Sammy ERRDAY only we're not friends so I don't add those parts in unfortunately haha I'm sad I know
daddywilk_ daddywilk_ Dec 29, 2016
What's going on in Her head*
                              *MY NECK MY BACK LICK MY PUSSY AND MY CRACK. *haha sorry had 2*
daddywilk_ daddywilk_ Dec 29, 2016
Did this bïtch say nigga? honey pls you wish u were black 💪🏾😂😂😂 smh
Honestly when he said that I immediately thought of him saying, "Bitch" in Nash's video.