JereMike Short Story: The Teenage Slut (Mpreg)

JereMike Short Story: The Teenage Slut (Mpreg)

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My names Creeps! By SquishyCreep Completed

Jeremy wasn't always like this, until Freshman year, when he was deflowered by a drunken male friend. He found it amazing, only to turn into the high school gay slut.

The new guy in town seems to catch Jeremy's eye. Jeremy wants him but the new guy doesn't seem to want it, making him want the man more than ever. 

Will the new guy, Mike, fall into Jeremy's sexual traps or will he stay away from the sex drived teen?


oh come on, you already know what this'll be about.


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Okay I'm slowly starting to ship Fronnie, but I'm not that deep yet, just ankle deep here. Am I able to be pulled out at this point? Oorr do I just keep sinking??
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What a shame the poor groom's bride is a total sl*t! (Whatever pops into Brendon's mind)
Pestr23 Pestr23 Jul 28
So technically he has only a dad but were is his mom or did they adopt him????? Im sooo cumfusd
EsmaDalarey EsmaDalarey Jun 01
I will grace you with this info:
                              I was sleeping not too long ago, and I accidently left my mouth open a bit, so I drooled. But I'm lucky I rarely drool and if I do, it's only a little.
Pestr23 Pestr23 Jul 28
That's me right there we the same bro. I usually have to have my friend shake me to get back to reality lol X)
So no one's gonna adress the fact that it says "dark black"? Really guys?