AOT One Shots

AOT One Shots

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(Disclaimer: I own none of the images used in the chapters or the cover.)

A mediocre one shot series for the manga/anime Attack On Titan.

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Girl_septic_eye_102 Girl_septic_eye_102 Sep 01, 2017
Is it funny that my ict teacher said that to me? I just knew the answer and she didn't see me
...I don't think there's any men there? Eh, probably is, they don't waste their time looking at nonexistent dead (both inside and out) potatoes who rot in holes.
Shut_yo_dumbass_up Shut_yo_dumbass_up Dec 03, 2017
So....we just played our self???( Dj Khalid-congratulations,u played yourself.
Shut_yo_dumbass_up Shut_yo_dumbass_up Dec 03, 2017
@Girl_septic_eye_102 dang,Pls don't roast yourself 😂😂😂
Shut_yo_dumbass_up Shut_yo_dumbass_up Dec 03, 2017
Am so late but…..………DO U SEE HOW MANY F's I GIVE...WHERE WHERR??????????
I_NeedALifee I_NeedALifee Oct 24, 2017 killed Levi? Oooooooo. Nice job. His windex will seek revenge-