The Chains of Love and sorrow

The Chains of Love and sorrow

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midnightwolf4 By WinterDragonslayer44 Updated 4 days ago

Lucy Heartfilia was a slave sold to the most powerful man 

Natsu Dragneel

This isn't the kind of stories were Natsu is a 'Pig' because Lucy's a slave to him.
But(warning) there will be Lemons!!!!


AttackOnThePhandoms AttackOnThePhandoms Dec 29, 2016
Honestly I would slap her and be like "Btch keep it together Imma gonna do something about dis bora dude"
FangirlingDemon FangirlingDemon Oct 23, 2016
Next chapter: BDSM!!! RUN LUCY!!! RUNNNNN!!!
                              😂😂😂 I'm such a terrible person. I'm terribly sorry
When you see the word lemon in the intro:
                              Me: I am sooo reading this book 😏😏😏😜😜😜
XyVurx XyVurx Dec 22, 2016
"She decided to strip and fill the tub with warm water"... I mean, no this is not a frickin perverted comment but I mean.. "She decided"? Who 'decides' to do that? If you wanna take a bath then YOU GOTTA DO IT... And wow I don't have a tub and a "slave" has one? Sad life I have here
anime_is_4_lyfe anime_is_4_lyfe Dec 18, 2016
Don't ya just love squeezing yourself into a tube for a nice long bath.
MelissaA4 MelissaA4 Dec 19, 2016
I hate the word 'maybe' ... and no I never posted a comment saying " 😉maybe" just a few minutes ago on a different book.... nope wasn't me